1-FEATHERS OF THE PHOENIX You are a hero looking for immortality,can you locate the Feathers of the Phoenix.

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2-QUEST FOR THE EBONY WAND The ebony wand is located inside a crypt, can you locate it and retrieve it. Adventure in this great action and now with saving system so you can continue your adventure whenever you want.

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3-KILL THE BEAST Your Town has a beast that is killing villagers, can you kill it, choose from Herbalist, Blacksmith or Farmer and start the adventure.

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4-CURSE OF BLACKWOOD MANOR Can you lift the curse of this haunted house

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5- THE PRESENCE OF A HERO You are a Wizard's apprentice with a goal in his hands , to be a true hero, can you be this true hero?

choose 3 magic spells and hit start adventure



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